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Podcast testimonials: OSK’s best cases for corporate and branded podcasts

Over the past few years, we have gained a wealth of podcast experience, both for our clients and for our own projects. Here we showcase some of our best podcast cases.

Future Dimensions (Mercedes-Benz)

The Mercedes-Benz feature podcast „Future Dimensions“ presents bold visions of the future that will move our society in the years to come. In each episode, host Ricardia Bramley explores a utopia that seems beyond belief today – supported by multifaceted sound, exciting storytelling, and, above all, visionaries and forward thinkers who are already working to realize the futuristic concepts under discussion. Because shaping the future always starts with a vision.

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Let's talk Mercedes (Mercedes-Benz)

There are countless stories about Mercedes-Benz. Of clever pioneers, their groundbreaking inventions, and the often rocky road to success. Of challenges and changes. And of the mobility future that Mercedes-Benz is actively helping to shape. That’s why the Mercedes-Benz podcast “Let’s talk Mercedes“ features internal and external experts who contribute their interesting perspectives, but also take a critical look at the mobility industry, its trends and developments.

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Moving beyond (Siemens Mobility)

As a society, we need safe, reliable, sustainable, and seamless mobility solutions. That’s why, together with Siemens Mobility, we created „Moving Beyond“. In the podcast, host Sally Eaves invites various experts from around the world to talk about the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility, discuss present mobility technologies as well as future revolutionary ideas, and provide an opportunity for new perspectives on our metropolises.

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12 qm – der Caravaning-Podcast (Erwin Hymer Group)

The Erwin Hymer Group’s caravanning podcast is like a well-designed motorhome: “12 square meters” covers everything that is of interest to caravanning fans. In this interview format, host Petra Bindl and her guests from the camping cosmos provide insights into the largest manufacturer of leisure vehicles in Europe and talk about trends, innovations, and the future. Always front and center: the stories behind the guests — and their passion for the world’s most beautiful form of travel.

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À MA FAÇON (Lillet)

On the female empowerment podcast “À MA FAÇON,” inspiring women hosts and Lillet brand ambassador Sue Amirpour tell their personal stories over an aperitif drink. They chat about successes and failures, opportunities and obstacles, and what motivates and inspires them along the way. They are unique, incredibly multifaceted and diverse, independent and empowered — everything that Lillet embodies with its brand claim “L’apéritif à ma façon.”

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Hidden Bar History (Pernod Ricard)

Hidden Bar History is the podcast for all lovers of delicious drinks and spirits. Here we interview bartenders and tell the special stories of our industry. Whether it’s been a long time since they’ve personally been behind the bar, or they’re still making the best drinks for their guests every night — everyone has something to share! Presented by: REDBREAST Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey.

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WORK IT OUT! (Computacenter, internal Format)

Today, New Work is more than just a trendy concept. The pandemic has shown us that we need solutions for our working world. The in-house podcast “WORK IT OUT!” by the tech specialists at Computacenter is about all the exciting aspects of New Work — and the question of how we can shape the future of work. Hosts Anna-Maria Sperber and Nina Kohl get business and research experts in front of the microphone.


China Ticker

“China Ticker” is the podcast of China Netzwerk Baden-Württemberg — neutral, informative, and entertaining. Manuel Scherfer and Sven Spöde talk casually to experts about current economic and cultural topics. The hosts also ask about the personal experiences of their guests and give practical advice. Input also comes from CNBW professional events and contributions from CNBW members.


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Wunderbar together

Oliver Nermerich, Head of Digital Communications at OSK, co-hosts the “Wunderbar Together” podcast with the New York-based journalist Felix Zeltner. The duo interviews the “coolest Germans” in America. Together with their listeners, Oliver and Felix visit people all over the American continent who are connecting cultures, celebrating unusual achievements, breaking new ground — and creating wonderful things in the process.

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OSK lectures on podcasting

We give inspiring short talks at universities and companies that get to the heart of the potential of podcasts. Are you interested in a presentation? Then please feel free to contact us.

Our OSK podcast experts are also popular guest authors on the subject of podcasting in a number of specialist and trade media from the communication and marketing industries — including BusinessPunk, HORIZONT, W&V and onlinemarketing.de.

“Collaborating with OSK is very professional and uncomplicated and that goes from the extensive preparations all the way through postproduction. It’s not for nothing that we’re planning to start the third season this year, which is worth listening to!”

Matthias Brock, Head of Information Assets & Inhouse Production Mercedes-Benz