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OSK podcast team: Our podcast experts

Our podcast team is multidisciplinary: as a strong team of creatives and storytellers, consultants, editors, producers, strategists, and social media experts, we combine our know-how to create target group-specific audio experiences with perfect brand fit for our clients. Meet our audio experts!


Annalena Schmitz
Consultant Digital Communication

“I’ll listen to one podcast because it entertains me, another because it gives me food for thought, and another one because it relaxes me. In other words, a podcast can do a lot but it can’t win everyone’s heart. That’s why the best way to make the perfect podcast is with a clear strategy, cool ideas, and an exciting communicative approach.”


Annalena’s favorite podcasts: 1,9 Milliarden Lügen, Cui Bono, Baywatch Berlin

Marcel Bender
Digital Content Editor

“Podcasts have a way of creating deeply emotional spaces for fascinating anecdotes far removed from the usual corporate blah blah and telling the stories of all those who have experienced them.”


Marcel’s favorite podcasts: Fest & Flauschig, TALK-O-MAT, Friedemann &, The Podcast UFO



Sven Spoede
Senior Consultant Digital Communication

“With podcasts, brands can convert their target audiences into true fans and keep them closely engaged. That’s why podcasts are an extremely important part of the modern content marketing mix.”


Sven’s favorite podcasts: Deconstructing Yourself, Chinaticker (my personal podcast)

Oliver Nermerich
Head of Digital Communication

“Whether it’s marketing, NFTs, or other interests, podcasts are perfect for learning on the side while also having a great time. Because content communicated through podcasts automatically sticks in your head, podcasting is extremely exciting as a counter-model to traditional direct marketing, especially for companies to creatively inspire and retain their target groups.”


Oliver’s favorite podcasts: Wunderbar Together, Trends mit Teo, The Pivot, The Daily


Heiner d‘Alquen
Audio Specialist

“Podcasts are shifting the focus of our sensory perceptions toward listening an exciting development! My favorite topics? Anything about sound design and music. If they’re really well done, they are an endless source of inspiring soundscapes.”


Heiner’s favorite podcasts: Wunderbar Together, Composer of the Week, All Songs Considered