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In-house podcast production: a one-stop shop of exciting audio worlds

Corporate podcast production is so much more than two people sitting down in front of a microphone and talking “just like that.” Professionalism is key and not just in the podcast concept, but also in the preparation, postproduction and audio recording itself.

The most obvious tasks in any podcast production: record an audio track and release it. But before, after, and even during this process, there are many subtleties that matter. In the end, these are the details that make the difference between an artificial dialog with inconsistent audio quality and an exciting, high-quality corporate and branded podcast.

Comprehensive service for podcasters: content, recording and postproduction

The good news: our well-coordinated team will ensure that your podcast is as professional and exciting as the brand behind it. As a full-service podcast agency, our production services include:

… extensive preparation of all participants

Prior to recording, we invite all participants to personal preliminary meetings to get to know each other and coordinate on the current topic. This includes clear briefings for all podcasters so that they are able to confidently navigate through the podcast episode.

… the perfect recording situation in the studio and remotely

Our audio engineers use professional equipment to ensure excellent conditions for each and every recording. Our podcast studio in Cologne is specially equipped for this purpose — and we can also overcome all physical barriers to support remote podcast production in the home office, both technically and in terms of content.

… comprehensive & professional in-house postproduction

Following the recording, we produce a high-quality and professional episode for your podcast that is worth listening to — from the careful optimization of the audio file to the creation and integration of attention-grabbing intros and outros. Of course, we also create titles, show notes, cover design and social media assets in the most suitable format for the podcast and take care of uploading it to all platforms — from Spotify and Apple Music to Deezer.