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Podcast editing: The right words for unforgettable listening experiences

Of course, a dynamic podcast conversation sounds better than the verbatim reading off of a press release. But how do audio stories remain interesting and authentic despite brand messaging? Or, to put it differently: how do you actually write for the ear?

Good preparation, storylines and core messages give corporate and branded podcasts structure and the necessary thread. However, if a podcast episode is too well planned out, audio experiences that are supposed to be engaging and editorial can quickly become inauthentic PR shows in which more is read than spoken.

That’s why our team of experienced editors helps our clients make audio formats accessible and personal, and podcasts strike the right note. They accompany the entire creation process, are present with an editorial ear during preliminary interviews, prepare journalistic questions, prepare guest briefings, and support the recording as experts in the background.

Writing expertise for every episode — and for social media

Furthermore, our editorial team also develops all the other content that is part of a comprehensive podcast experience — from episode titles and show notes to the corresponding social media posts, accompanying blog posts and trade press articles. Everything in the right tone. Everything in-house.