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Podcast PR: Compelling messages for growing audio communities

Public relations, reimagined. Podcast PR follows the “classic” PR approach but strong guest appearances in suitable audio formats ensure previously unimagined authenticity, closeness, and credibility.

It doesn’t always have to be an original podcast of your own — after all, there are already countless other successful podcasts with wide reach that companies can use to communicate their messages to their relevant target groups. But how do you find earned media podcasts that are relevant to your brand? How do topic experts become guests on an upcoming episode? And why would it be a good idea to get involved?

Professional podcast rating — developed by our OSK experts

With a combination of podcast know-how and many years of PR experience, we provide our clients with answers to all these questions. With our specially developed and customizable podcast rating system, we research relevant formats and hosts — and conduct a detailed assessment of different corporate speakers to determine if they would be a good fit.

Of course, we also take care of contacting podcasters and professionally preparing speakers for their interviews. We are always by our customers‘ side throughout the actual podcast recording — whether this takes place remotely or in studio.