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Podcast marketing: The art of finding the right ears

With the right corporate podcast, companies can attract valuable new target groups. So far, so good. But how does the carefully produced content actually reach the ears of the right audience? Our podcast marketing and target group-oriented strategies for the distribution of your corporate or branded podcast provide answers.

Producing a podcast episode is one thing — but distributing it efficiently and effectively to the right target group via the right channels is quite different. That’s why developing a high-reach distribution strategy for corporate audio content is a matter of course for us. Because without the right marketing, effective advertising, or extension of reach via social media and the right influencers, a corporate or branded podcast all too often performs far below its true potential.

Yet the concepts of marketing and distribution in the podcasting world come with many challenges, including:

  • Selecting the right platforms

As amazing as your corporate or branded podcast is, your listeners will still need to be able to find it organically on the platforms they love and use. That’s why we work closely with partners who will bring your podcast to Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and others.

  • Social media presence

Almost every one of your potential listeners is on social media these days, whether your podcast is targeting a B2C or B2B audience. For podcast marketing, this is worth its weight in gold. However, it’s important to match the tone of your corporate or branded podcast’s target audience while still communicating in line with your company’s corporate identity. We understand how everything fits together, plan the playout, write the posts, and handle community management. This also applies to landing pages or microsites.

  • Strong ad campaigns, paid, owned and earned

We take a holistic view of podcast advertising. That means that we advise you and listen, design the right target group, and take care of conception, development, and playout. Whether it’s a comprehensive ad campaign on Google, on social media and in collaboration with influencers, or audio advertising for your format in other podcasts that are related to your topic — we have the expertise for a range of advertising.

  • Researching and approaching valuable (corporate) influencers

One of the most powerful tools in podcasting is expanding your marketing mix through influencers and internal voices and though leaders. It’s just as important to reach out to external influencers who are close to your podcast or who bring a target audience to your format. The host and guests of each episode often have a valuable reach as well.

  • Effective PR outreach for your podcast

If you’re exclusively revealing big news of a major new development, milestone, achievement or innovation in the new episode of your corporate or branded podcast, or if you’ve invited a guest to tell a story that could make headlines beyond your target audience, great! Our seasoned PR team can prepare the story for the media, arrange interviews, and communicate the podcast through industry outlets.

Or, in other words: with a lot of experience and a keen sense for effective audio content, we help you make sure that your corporate podcast finds its way to the right ears!