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Podcast consulting: From white noise to a good idea

Podcasts mean Netflix for your ears. A trend phenomenon. The new mass medium. And much more. But one thing is certain: audio is here to stay. And we talk about it with our customers. Because in the complex world of podcasting, professional coaching is worth its weight in gold when it comes to setting expectations, defining goals, and developing the right strategy for corporate and branded podcasting.

Over just a few years, podcasts have become an integral part of modern communication. Today, thousands of companies and media organizations rely on this varied, informative, and personal audio content format — just like influencers, scientists and politicians. The range of topics and content is huge, and so is the field of unanswered questions that companies initially face when it comes to podcasts:

  • What does it take to make a podcast a professional reality?
  • Which podcast format is the best fit for my brand and marketing?
  • What do my listeners actually want to hear and know?
  • Being a guest on which external podcasts will provide opportunities for my own corporate communication?
  • In which formats can I most effectively advertise my brand?
  • And: Is it even worth developing my own podcast for my company right away?

Comprehensive consulting and guidance for the perfect corporate podcast

Our experts shed light on the world of audio and podcasting: with short talks, systemic consulting and collaborative workshops, we teach both beginners and professionals all the basics and essentials of corporate podcasting.

Not only do we advise on general questions about starting your own audio strategy, but we also provide concrete support later on for the project planning, production, and distribution of your podcast.