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Podcast strategy: Brand values at full volume

Improvise and just start talking? That’s so yesterday! In order for actions to follow words, corporate podcasters need a clear strategy for their podcast marketing. The audio market is huge. So, the most important question is: what does a company actually sound like?

Audio provides so many opportunities and possibilities for corporate marketing — whether it’s paid, earned, or owned. But without a clear marketing strategy and compelling content, corporate or branded podcasts won’t make it into the hearts and minds of the target audience. Clearly defined goals and target audiences pave the way to planning and creating an effective podcast.

That’s why our team of consultants and podcast experts will work with you to develop a winning and persuasive strategy for podcast marketing with added value. Together we will address all the important strategic questions along the way of your corporate or branded podcast journey, questions such as:

  • Corporate or branded podcast? Which target group am I addressing with my podcast? Is it more about my customers and does the content focus less on my company? Or do I want to talk about my company and primarily address stakeholders and employees?
  • Which podcast format is the right one? From classic conversational formats to gripping fictional storytelling, we can advise you on which podcast format is perfect for your company.
  • Who is the ideal host and which guests fit the format? From professional journalists to unconventional, nonconformist YouTube stars: we find the personalities that will best fit your brand, your messages, and your content.
  • Which platforms are best for your podcast episodes? We assess which platforms your show will do best on.
  • What role does social media play in podcasting? From sequential single posts in the marketing mix to a total podcast presence on Instagram and other social media: we use the power of social networks to efficiently maximize the reach of your podcast.
  • And: Does it even have to be a podcast of its own? We analyze which form of podcast marketing makes sense for you. Because sometimes, audio advertising is the better choice.


We always think one step ahead and develop the optimal strategy to build the necessary reach for the success of your podcast. Because effective podcast marketing doesn’t just include the audio format itself, but also careful launch planning, targeted advertising on social media, and smart content marketing all along the customer journey.

This is how a good podcast becomes a captivating audio format that takes corporate marketing to the next level — and sustainably engages podcast listeners.